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We've questioned ourselves how we can stand out from the 1000+ EdTech companies that are out there and how we can bring a change.


Recruitment is the process where the rubber meets the road There is no definitive way to define each company's requirements and process.

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We as an early startup explored 100's of various technology stacks and made numerous meaningful solutions for us and others.

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We are an EdTech startup based in Bengaluru. We are committed to creating engaging and effective solutions that are never boring.

  • Innovative solutions for a rapidly-evolving world.
  • Emerging tech experts driving real-world impact.
  • Disruptive solutions transforming the education landscape.
  • Employee-centered culture fostering collaboration and innovation.
  • Creative problem solvers driving change through technology.

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We provide services for company business.

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We provide services for company business.

Let us help you in finding the right framework for your organization.

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