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About Our ITLF

The Interactive Teaching and Learning Framework (ITLF) is a highly adaptable, scalable, and reliable software that has been designed to address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the education sector. ERA interfaces has thoroughly studied the need for effective teaching leveraging technology and online enablements to provide an inbuilt video interactive module, social learning, gamification, and in-depth reports. The ITLF enables effective teaching methodology and helps transform traditional learning into interactive teaching, making it an excellent investment for any institution looking to upgrade their LMS software.

Scope of Software

ERA’s Interactive Teaching and Learning Framework will help effective teaching and learning in the classroom with boundaries or without boundaries leveraging technology. Our ITLF (Interactive Teaching and Learning Framework) is best t for educational institutions which helps grooming the students 360° in developing attributes that are required to understand, learn and apply through interactions and effective preparation of classroom and great scope for reections in the classroom. It’s recording system of class and tracking of learning establish’s a great credibility for future references for the institute and students.

"We Innovate with the Learner in Mind"

The interface is designed to address following aspects :

  1. Objective based learning
  2. Interactive learning
  3. Dening Outcomes
  4. Tracking mechanism for students and teachers and course progress
  5. Records for audit trails and Compliance process
  6. Progress reports for different accreditation like NAAC, NBA and NIRF
  7. Course calendar and references
  8. Recording of important lessons and teaching
  9. Student and teacher reward systems
  10. Groups for advanced learning and cross functional learning
  11. Quick status for any candidate or Course or faculty.
  12. Student engagement using features like instant messaging, email, and discussion forums.
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