On September 20, 2022, we celebrated the inauguration of the Center of Excellence in Internet of Things (CoE-IoT) at GLA University. This state-of-the-art facility serves as a hub for research, development, and innovation in the field of IoT, bringing together experts from industry, academia, and government to collaborate on cutting-edge projects.

The CoE-IoT is a valuable resource for companies looking to leverage the power of IoT to transform their operations and drive growth. It also provides opportunities for students and researchers to gain hands-on experience and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in IoT.

During the inauguration ceremony, we were thrilled to showcase some of the exciting experiments developed by our students, including a home automation system, a temperature monitoring system, and a localhost. We were also honored to have Prof. Anup Kumar Gupta, Director & Pro Vice Chancellor as the chief guest for the event. The ceremony also featured presentations by industry leaders and key stakeholders, as well as tours of the facility.

We are continually amazed by the creativity and innovation of our students, and we look forward to the many exciting projects and opportunities that will come out of the CoE-IoT in the future. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make the inauguration of the CoE-IoT a memorable event.

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