What is JAM STACK? Why use it?

JAM is the acronym for Javascript, API, and Markup language. It is an architecture designed to make a web, just as iron rods are to a building. As the nomenclature says it is a combination of Javascript- a programming language, API- acronym for Application Programming Interface, and Markup language to make an application. JAMStack is changing the dynamics of modern web architecture by following ways:

Hypes Invention:

You can create anything from Jamstack, literally anything. Webshops, customized home page, forms, the list’s length is endless.

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Faster performance:

Speed of the web and a user experience goes hand in hand. Jamstack enables its user to see the website in a snap.


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User experience at its best:

One can customize anything as per their desire, simultaneously controlling the size of the site. Since Jam stack is just another static page, it uploads with a blink of an eye.

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Accessibility at its best:

Through Jam stack, one can access websites from anywhere, in any device, in any format, effortlessly.

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Proof against ever changing dynamics of judgments:

One can always make amendments to their website. Jam stack allows one to be flexible with any changes in the market or in the future, reducing the expense of the company to constantly transform one business to a more innovative one.

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Low on maintenance:

Since most of the work is done in its developing stage. The necessity of server patching, updating and maintaining is not required. It eliminate the It promises security like never before. It is CEO friendly and has good scalability.

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Super fast even when crowded:

The sites are super fast even in high traffic, as they serve from the content delivery network instead of the server side code. It eliminates the need to manage and operate web servers.

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