Vellore Akash

Vellore Akash is the co-founder, director of ERA interfaces.

Our People

Get to know the men and women who blaze new trails for us every day—and who look dang good doing it.

Sanjay Kumar Chaudary
Sr.Application Developer

Sanjay Kumar Chaudary

Sanjay is responsible for successfully deploying over 32 web apps and 16 mobile apps on both the Play Store and App Store. Sanjay has over 6 years in designing, developing, and delivering quality software,websites, apps and will work relentlessly to help ideas into a working and successful application.

Sanjay is a full stack developer with a successful track record of bringing conceptual ideas to fully functional applications. Graduated from NBU and currently residing in the Siliguri – west Bengal. Well versed in API integration and payments processing. Previous experiences include, Google Cloud vision, ML integration, tenserflow , AR, Google Maps, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram,razorpay and Stripe.

Ankita Shrivastava
UI/UX Designer

Ankita Shrivastava

UI/UX Developer with an eye for simple yet creative, clean and attractive designs with creating engaging user experiences. Ankita is a professional fascinated by trending technologies with web designing experience and exposure to a handful of tools and modern techniques and approaches. she provides UI designs, products for web, desktop and mobile applications.

Ankita is working towards specializing in front-end development with excellent working experience of Adobe XD, Adobe  Illustrator, Adobe photoshop, WordPress along with core technologies like HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript. She is a person always keen to learn. Beautiful interfaces make her happy.

Indrajeet Singh
Product Developer

Indrajeet Singh

A Front-end developer with an experience of more than one and a half years in developing and designing websites. Great designs, brilliant UI/UX interactions, and various frameworks are the keys that keep Indrajeet enthusiastic and passionate about modern world-wide-web.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Indrajeet began his career in an eCommerce-based web development startup. He has a penchant for adopting the latest technologies including React and Flutter. He likes to solve distinguished UI/UX complicated problems with simple web design decisions.

Yashwanth Emparala
Content Management

Yashwanth Emparala

Detail-oriented Content Manager with extensive experience with WordPress, Drupal.

Well versed in many other programming languages.

Delivers well-made projects on time.